Specialty Export Grain

Yellow Mustard

Best known as the main ingredient in traditional hotdog mustard. It is larger than regular and most widely grown typeof mustard and has the mildest flavor. They have no noticeable aroma plain.


Part of the legume family. As a rich source of nutrients, chickpeas offer a variety of health benefits, such as improving digestions, aiding weight managements and reducing the risk of several diseases.

Brown Flax Seeds

(LinumUsitatissimum)-also known as common flax or line seeds. Flax seeds are one of the oldest crops.
There are two types, brown and golden, which are equally nutritious.

Lentils Red

Part of the legume family and they are considered a pulse. There are two main groups: the large ones with flat seeds, and the smaller, more rounded ones.

Lentils Green

Referred to as French lentils, green lentils holdup well after cooking and have a nutty taste. They’re an ideal addition to a salad or on their own as a side dish.

Yellow Flax Seeds

Their health benefits are mainly due to their content of omega-3 fats, lignan and fiber. They have been linked to health benefits, digestion and a reduced risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and caner.

Adzuki Bean

Rich in healthy fibers and antioxidants, both of which may help improve digestion and recue your risk of gut diseases, such as colon cancer. Easy to incorporate into dishes.

Green Pea

Fairly low in calories and contain several vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These are one of the best plant-based sources of protein, hence why they are so filling, along with high amount of fiber.


Also called “naked oats”, are ranked as one of the healthiest foods in the world. Unlike steel cut oats or oat groats that you normally find at a health store, hullessoats are not processed and are completely raw.

Dark Red Kidney Bean

Rich in protein, are well-liked for their sweet flavor and light texture. Eaten most frequently in the world.

Processed oats

The difference between steel-cut, rolled, and instant oats is simply how much the oat groathas been processed. This also results in each variety having a distinct texture and varying cook times.

Feed Oats

Oats is an ideal grain for starting cattle on feed because of its high hull and fiber content. Oats are palatable feedstuff and may be safely included at high levels in the grain ration.


A pulse crop that is part of the legume family. Fababean is grown and marketed for its edible seeds(beans), a source of protein and energy, and sold for both human consumption and for livestock feed or fodder (hay, silage, and straw).

Mustard Oriental

Oriental Mustard Seed. It is the hottest of the mustard seeds and has a flavor similar to wasabi or horseradish powder. This product can be used whole, cracked, or ground into a powder.

Yellow Peas

Yellow peas are part of the legume family. These whole yellow peas are about ¼ inch wide and pale yellow to beige in color. They have a mild, slightly sweet flavor and soft, granular texture.

Lupin Angustifolius

The stubbles are used for forage and silage, and for late winter and early spring grazing. Excellent high protein pulse for feed and food uses.

Lupin Albus

Commonly known as the white lupin or field lupine, is a member of the genus Lupinusin the family Fabaceae. It is a traditional pulse cultivated in the Mediterranean region.

Lentils Split

They are a good sources of fiber and protein and also contain high amounts of calcium and vitamins A and B. Lentils can be sold with or without the seed coat and whole or split.

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